Creative escape Scotland

23rd to 26th September 2018

This autumn we are hosting our first residential botanical escape, born from the idea of creating a learning experience that we would like to be part of ourselves.  We will be taking over the incredible Guardswell Farm in Perthshire, a location that inspired us when we first set eyes on it (as a building site) and continues to make us fall in love every time we visit.

RADIX ~ Root

A "root's-eye view" is the approach we take for our creative practice and it is these origins we would like to explore during the escape. Each plant and flower must by nature have a root, we are rooted by gravity to the earth, we celebrate our family and cultural roots- We are surrounded and connected by roots of every kind.  It is our roots that ground us, inspire us, and enable us to grow.  We would like to help you explore your own creative roots and what helps drive you forward.

Why are we calling it an escape?  Because it is more than a workshop, camp or retreat.  As creative people running a small, busy business we understand the importance to stop, recharge and feed ourselves creatively; we always try to make time for it ourselves.  RADIX brings together the things and people that inspire and ground us: the ideas we discuss, the skills we want to explore and the food we love to eat, together with botanical teaching from us at PYRUS.  

We would like to share that with like-minded creatives and nature lovers, like you.

Over three nights we will stay in the beautiful surroundings of Guardswell, spending time in the landscape to forage, connect and create.  Together we will search for materials and consider each one carefully, using them as a starting point for sculptural or installation-based botanical creations in the steading.   We will also bring together several contributors throughout the stay to inform and feed our creative practice, introducing new ideas and skills to us.  Poetry, scent, bees and the moon are just a few of the things that interest us, we return to them again and again for inspiration.  We will introduce some of those passions to you through the contributors, opening your mind to new creative connections.  The contributors will be intertwined with the workshop elements of the retreat, working alongside our botanical teaching to inform your thinking and practice.

As we are firm believers in nourishing both the body and mind, our friend and incredible cook Polly ( Kitchen East ), will create delicious vegetarian food for us to eat together in the steading throughout the stay, using seasonal ingredients (and perhaps some local forage).  

More detail to come,  follow us as this journey unfolds.  

Natalya & Fiona

we would like to spend the end of our season creating with and getting to know like-minded souls.

 If you are interested in attending, email us at studio@pyrusbotanicals for more information and early bird rates, spaces are limited.