Genesis of a flower garden (part one)

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was Lawn...

On a dreich Saturday in East Lothian the Pyrus army marched (well, waded) on to site in their wellies and waterproofs to begin our flower revolution.  The task- to lift 30 tonnes of turf to reveal our flower garden.  The problem- it was really more like 60 tonnes  because it was sooooo sodden with rain.  Oh, and did we mention that we had to barrow it over to the cow field because our trusty steed Jeff (borrowed landrover and trailer) sank in the mud?  Yup, what had first seemed like a fun day out in the country turned into a two day barrowing mud marathon BUT with the help of cups of tea, countless choccie biccies and our incredible team of helpers we did it!  On time and a few new muscles later!

Lifting lawn machine style
Tetris turf
Barrowtastic- the first of hundreds
Busy radical botanicals
Day two... MUD

Walking the barrow line
The first Pyrus flower!  Okay, so it's a daisy and we didn't plant it but we're not prejudiced!
Almost, almost there
First Pyrus mission accomplished!  But where did all that turf end up?...

Sea of wormy turf
Our incredible team of helpers, you're amazing, we couldn't have done it without you.  A massive Pyrus thank you to our trojan warriors- Wayne from The Fifth Room, Fred, Pete, Bonnie, Callum, Rob and Leon the hound.