Genesis of a flower garden (part two)

The flowery gods conspired to give us the perfect autumn weather for our second weekend in the Pyrus garden.  The sun shone, Colstoun looked Gardeners' World perfect and our blue Scottish skin turned a not-so-attractive shade of pink.  Oh, and did we mention that 12 tonnes of lovely mature horse manure arrived from the fantastic George Ogilvie at East Lothian Livery?
Our task this week was to beat the onset of winter and get the ground rotovated and enriched with manure before laying the ground cover.  We also had 240 square metres of borders to strim before starting to dig out the ENEMY.  The dreaded W word which we only whisper quietly to each other... weeds. 

You know what they say, where there's muck...

The Fifth Room demonstrating a bit of trailer tipping mastery

A flower garden taking shape

Rotovated and manure fed

Red Admirals on the legendary Colstoun pear trees 

Fiona getting to grips with the art of terram rolling

A reminder for next year, that bed's trouble...

The girls giving it some welly

new found guns

Skimming for victory

End of day three and the garden is all wrapped up under its winter blanket. Thank you again to our wonderful helpers who are making it all happen and giving us so much support.