Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil

You know you have neglected your blog when the last post is celebrating all things Christmas and you are writing this latest post looking out into a sun drenched Spring day.  Whoops.  Our excuse is that whilst our flower garden has lain dormant and been snoozing, we too have been having a bit of a rest.  But now (drum roll please) Spring is here!  Wedding season is almost upon us and the garden is springing into life. HELLO ladies (and gentlemen)...

collective noun for tulips? a tribe?

daffs ready to pop for our first spring wedding

curly alliums, a rowdy uncontrollable lot

Those naughty little wabbits have already started to nibble at our tulips so we wrapped them up in straw to protect them from  their teeth as well as the last frosts. 

And, to top it all off, work has started to transform our flower studio from the world's best junk room (think ancient wooden skis, tapestries and old trunks full of treasures) into our shiny new workspace.  The boys on the Colstoun estate de-spidered, hosed down and cleared out and it was all we could do to stop ourselves getting a hernia over the amazing things stored in there, we were on overdrive imaging all sorts of incredible photo shoots.  We even found this to add to our vintage bottle collection...

Winging it's way to a wedding near you soon!

Cameron getting trigger happy with a pressure washer

This beautiful old room is called the engine shed because it once housed Colstoun's very own fire engine.  Of course, doesn't everyone have one?!  Now we're lucky enough to get our hands on it and can't wait to give it a lick of paint and turn it into a fabulous studio.  Our view from the entrance (not to make you jealous of course) is straight out over the river across the main lawn, pretty damn special we think.  Lucky, lucky girls.