'Don't wear a tired, thirsty face'

We Pyrus girls have a bit of a clandestine crush on the king of all soft drinks, yes, Coke; we don't talk about it but find us in the studio on a long day making wedding flowers and more than likely you'll see a can or two of the red stuff next to the scissors.  So you can imagine that we were delighted when the boys from Colstoun told us that Coca-Cola were on their way for a corporate weekend on the estate.  Yes!  A chance to flex our flowery muscles and incorporate some Coca-Cola branding for the big wigs Pyrus style.    

As hawk eyed followers will notice, we've been inspired by the mossy goings-on with kokedama at goodstead and are bringing some contemporary Japanesey ideas to the beautiful antique table in the big house.  We think it works a treat, particularly with those incredible candle sticks. 
As an aside, you might want to check out this little golden nugget of a page that I came across looking for a Coca-Cola slogan for our post title.  Ours is from 1933, which is your favourite?