For those of you that keep up to date with our goings-on via Facebook and Twitter you'll be well aware by now that we've been involved in a couple of exciting projects with the super cool boutique goodstead recently.  Perhaps you've even taken a stroll down Rose Street to check out our Kokedama (Japanese string garden) window display for yourself.  Well, we Pyrus girls have been massive fans of this fabulous technique to show off plants for a long while now and, since we like sharing our tricks of the trade with you fellow botanical junkies, we thought you might like to know how we did it...

get prepared, mix peat and bonsai akedama soil 7:3 parts (make sure your peat comes from a trusted, enviromentally friendly source, ours was local)

hunt for moss, it is slooooooow growing and some types are protected so again, forage with care

the chosen ones

best mud pies since age 5 3/4

gently tease the soil away from the roots of your plant

soak roots in water then wrap in fresh sphagnum moss and tie securely

the hard bit but check out the ceramicist, she can work that mud ball

moss it...

all strung up (sorry, no pictures of stringing in action- two pairs of hands needed!)

ahhh, now don't they look like a bunch of cuties on that washing line. Our goings on got the neighbours all curious- coming soon to a tenement hallway in Leith!

And there we have it!  A loveable rogues gallery to adorn the windows of the boutique and fingers crossed introduce Edinburgh to the wonder that is Kokedama.