aien aristeuein (ever to excel!)

Not the Pyrus motto we must add but the motto of Scotland's oldest University, St Andrews.  And off we were again to beautiful Fife, bags packed, to dress St Salvators Chapel and the Lower College Halls for two alumni.  A lot to live up to then!  We love this venue, formal and elegant but the light really does showcase the flowers and the staircase, well, WHAT  a staircase!   It's just crying out to be adorned at events, give us a staircase and some chicken wire and we're very happy flower girls.

Our brief for this young couple was romantic, blowsy and elegant with a touch of the Dutch still life painting about it.  Happy to oblige we set to work with dripping cherry blossom, frilly peony blooms, fox gloves and delicate black ranunculas to pick out the darkness of the paintings in the room.