Splendour in the grass

Anyone that has been anywhere near either of us Pyrus girls in the last couple of months will have heard us wax lyrical about our burgeoning relationship with grass.  No, not that kind of grass silly, THIS kind of grass.The kind that sways gently in the hedgerows, the kind that flashes silver like minnows in a burn, the kind that is shy and subtle and blushes pink like an early morning sky.  It is gentle, beautiful, endlessly different, interesting and surprising.  We love it.  And, not only that, we also love the slender stems of elder that are found everywhere they shouldn't be, sturdy heads proudly displaying hundreds of tiny delicate blooms.  Far, far better than anything a flower market can offer.  
So here it is, a little visual love affair with grass and, would you believe it, these images were taken in central Edinburgh whilst stretching the dog's legs.  Let's not spoil it by telling you how I fell over in the mud in between shots, flat on my back and covering myself from pig tails to ankles.  That wouldn't be so romantic now would it?