Roll up, roll up!

For all those who didn't make it to the recent farmer's market we pitched up at, here are some piccies of the very first flower harvest from our garden.  Prior to this, we had just been cutting what we needed for weddings and events but this was a bonafide harvest, we left it completely bare of blooms.  Pretty brutal actually but now you'd never know we'd cut anything, it's full of beautiful flowers all over again!
Even though we had probably the worst day of rain for many a week our spirits weren't dampened and, thanks to lots of lovely customers, we sold out.  Well nearly, there were only two little posies left at the end, one for each of us Pyrus girls to take home then (and no, we didn't plan that!)
Thanks to everyone for coming and giving us so much support, can't wait to see you all at the next one, we'll keep you posted about that.