What happened folks?  One minute the trees were flamboyantly waving their autumn gowns about, landscape a sea of russet, gold and crimson and then next minute BOOM, we arrived at the garden and it was white.  Completely white.  Not a single leaf on the trees, the ground hard and crispy, the weed membrane cracking underfoot, the holly having its finest hour.  Holey. Moley.

Since we had about five hundred bulbs to plant this was not good news.  Could we plant?  How would we plant?  Could we actually get through the day in these freezing conditions?  There was a lot of big eyes and grimacing being exchanged by the Pyrus girls as we donned thermals, ski gloves, a couple of coats each and an array of knitwear.  Prizes go to Miss Fiona Inglis for best colour combination and best use of eyewear (she doesn't normally win that prize, I was annoyed I didn't get the eyewear trophy).

This is our flower garden in all it's frozen glory, Jack Frost had waved his wand and it was, truthfully, ridiculously beautiful.  Let's not mention that we had to wait for about an hour until we could dig the ground and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we don't really take alcoholic beverages with us as a cheeky winter warmer...