Late summer romance

We love it when we find a couple who only want to use local flowers for their wedding day. Huzzah for Helen and Johnathan! And better still they had chosen the wonderful venue of the John Hope Gateway at Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens. Better still? They wanted something 'a little different' for the table centers. So not only did we get to play with all the flowers we had grown by hand through monsoon rains, we got to try out a new idea- tripods!

Creating height on table centers usually has it's limitations to those tall slim vases we have all seen a million times. Well not any more for Pyrus! Welcome the tripod..

We love the romance of late summer flowers mixed with the first touches of texture and warmth that Autumn brings. A special thanks goes to the fallen beech tree who gave us the gorgeous golden foliage.

Roll up, roll up!

For all those who didn't make it to the recent farmer's market we pitched up at, here are some piccies of the very first flower harvest from our garden.  Prior to this, we had just been cutting what we needed for weddings and events but this was a bonafide harvest, we left it completely bare of blooms.  Pretty brutal actually but now you'd never know we'd cut anything, it's full of beautiful flowers all over again!
Even though we had probably the worst day of rain for many a week our spirits weren't dampened and, thanks to lots of lovely customers, we sold out.  Well nearly, there were only two little posies left at the end, one for each of us Pyrus girls to take home then (and no, we didn't plan that!)
Thanks to everyone for coming and giving us so much support, can't wait to see you all at the next one, we'll keep you posted about that.

A farmer's life for me...

Get this date written in your diaries folks, we're taking part in our very first Farmer's Market this Sunday 5th August.  Held at the Quartermile development just by the meadows in Edinburgh, the market will be taking place in Lister Square which is just behind the Sainsbury's local and Peter's Yard coffee shop.

We'll be selling posies of organically grown flowers from our very own cutting garden and a selection of flowering garden plants, nurtured from seed by us in the glasshouse.  It's on from 11-4pm and since it's just round the corner from George Square and the rest of the festival hullabaloo, why not make a day of it and catch a fringe show, buy yourself some beautiful local flowers and then treat yourself to a well deserved Sunday drink at the Spiegel afterwards.

We'd love to see you so come along, tell your friends and support this brand new market- hopefully there will be many more! 

Flowers and the Water Sprite

We were pleased as punch when Iona Seligman asked us to help out with a bit of flowery magic for a mini graphic novel photo shoot she was organising. We love working on photo shoots and what made it even better was the theme - Rusalka! A Czech opera based on a water sprite (apparently where the story of the little mermaid originated). We were asked to create a foliage piece for a character who embodied nature.

 Alex Biddle wears hat by James Robert Faulkner, Rogue Milliner

Not only did we have a cool theme but a tonne of talented people to work along side. We just looove James Robert Faulkner's hatsLike us he's a bit of a forager and often uses road kill in his creations.  This giant pheasant feather hat is one of our favourites. The cool clothes were supplied by Leila Shams, and wonderful jewellery from Sarah Brown of black box boutique and Laurence Coste.  For the amazing photography we have to thank Edmund Fraser of Lights out Collective, definitely a talent to look out for!

Clothes by Leila Shams

 Jewellery by Lauren Coste, foliage installation by Pyrus

 Jewellery by Sarah Brown black box boutique

Here's the important part. The graphic novel was shot in preparation for a millinery and comedy event to be held on the 7th January 2013.  The show will be held in the Natural History Museum in aid of The Teenage Cancer TrustThe event aims to raise awareness and funds to provide five new chemo packs for the ward, each pack costing £30k. If these images are anything to go by it's going to be a truly fantastic night so please get it down in the diary!

Anna Stephenson with make up by Charlotte Wakeling

Other creative clever clogs involved were Amber Hunter, Serap Couture, Rene Walrus and Jennie Loof.

aien aristeuein (ever to excel!)

Not the Pyrus motto we must add but the motto of Scotland's oldest University, St Andrews.  And off we were again to beautiful Fife, bags packed, to dress St Salvators Chapel and the Lower College Halls for two alumni.  A lot to live up to then!  We love this venue, formal and elegant but the light really does showcase the flowers and the staircase, well, WHAT  a staircase!   It's just crying out to be adorned at events, give us a staircase and some chicken wire and we're very happy flower girls.

Our brief for this young couple was romantic, blowsy and elegant with a touch of the Dutch still life painting about it.  Happy to oblige we set to work with dripping cherry blossom, frilly peony blooms, fox gloves and delicate black ranunculas to pick out the darkness of the paintings in the room.