Valerie Hammond

Friday Heroes presents... Valerie Hammond. The New York based multi media artist is inspired by the mystery of churches and devotional objects and frequently uses wax in her work, evoking the sense of flesh and skin in her pieces; both ethereal and tangible.  We also love the recurring fern motifs (a Pyrus favourite), ancient and sacred.

She says of her work:

As an artist I have found that process is a fundamental part of my work. In practice this means that I might have ideas about where my work is going, but often the physical process of the work informs what actually happens in my studio. I am interested in evoking sensation and making work which is corporeal in nature. While the figures and portraits may begin to point towards or suggest sentiment, it is important to me that the work is not sentimental but experiential.

You can see more of her beautiful work at Littlejohn Contemporary.

Transition 2
hammond_encaustic_06 (1).jpg
Images via the artist's website, Littlejohn Contemporary and Pinterest

Images via the artist's website, Littlejohn Contemporary and Pinterest

Alana Dee Haynes

January.  The month of resolutions, hopes, promises.  As the flower garden sleeps this is a precious time for us, we can finally take a breath and indulge in reflection and ideas; travel, read, research, feed our minds and plan projects.

We have been lucky enough to start the year with a truly inspiring overseas trip but more of that later, first here's a new favourite, one for the scrap book.  A mixed media artist working largely on fashion photographs, New York based Alana Dee Haynes work is reminiscent of tattoos, tribalism and graphic art.  She says there's no religious connections but there is something sacred and very beautiful about her work, maybe it's the repetitive patterns; ritualistic, slow forming and blossoming across the image like little thoughts, or prayers.

This is the beginning of regular Friday posts to showcase artists or creatives that inspire us and motivate us to be better.  It will probably continue for as long as winter and fade away as we gear up for spring and 'the season' but until then, hope you enjoy.


Images via design milk and Trendland