Christopher Kane

Our Friday Heroes series continues today with a biggie- the MIGHTY Christopher Kane (cue lots of we're not worthy  bowing down and general adoration).

Now please don't think we've only become enamoured with the inimitable Scottish designer since his botanical SS14 collection, although naturally it's been the Swarovski cherry on top of the monkey print, neon iced cronut.

HOWEVER, for a couple of girls obsessed with all things botanical that like a bit of science thrown in, this collection did nearly blow our minds when it hit the catwalk: the sterilised petal motif, the pedagogical chart references, floral yes but not as you know it.  FIERCE.

Talking about this collection Kane said, "I never like to do anything like anyone else..  We live because of flowers and trees.  They produce oxygen. But we take them for granted".

Couldn't agree with you more Mr Kane.

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