Some of you may already know that we are taking part in a very special dining event this autumn.  Create:Eat is the work of foodie visionaries Jelly and Gin (otherwise known as Aoife Behan and Carol Soutar)  who believe that eating out should be exciting, eventful and above all, creative.  Girls after our own flowery hearts then.  You will probably have heard of their other forays into the world of pop up dining which include Burgher Burger and The Disconsolate Dandie.  

We're incredibly excited to be involved in the event which is taking place on Friday 19th October at 7pm in the beautiful Trinity Apse just off the Royal Mile.  It's a gothic gem and we can't wait to fill it to the brim with foraged finds and autumn treasures to showcase local, seasonal blooms.  And to top it all off, we get to go to the event ourselves! Time and time again we see wonderful weddings and events come and go but this time- we shall go the ball!  If you want to get involved and fancy dinner on a grand scale you can make a pledge for tickets, only twenty five places so you better be quick!

Other collaborators include the amazing team behind the best bars in town, Bramble and the Last Word, graphic designer and 3D artist Christina Spiteri and chocolatiers (don't you just love that word?) Edward and Irvyn.  Lots more to come too so it's shaping up to be a real treat.  We really do have to give a special mention to the incredibly talented Hannah Bloomfield, illustrator and graphic designer for Create:Eat who has designed us this wonderful crest to represent Pyrus.  It's really beautiful, thanks so much Hannah.  She asked us a few personal questions to draw this baby, one of them being 'which animal would you be'.  Well have a go and see if you can spot them both and who is who...


'Don't wear a tired, thirsty face'

We Pyrus girls have a bit of a clandestine crush on the king of all soft drinks, yes, Coke; we don't talk about it but find us in the studio on a long day making wedding flowers and more than likely you'll see a can or two of the red stuff next to the scissors.  So you can imagine that we were delighted when the boys from Colstoun told us that Coca-Cola were on their way for a corporate weekend on the estate.  Yes!  A chance to flex our flowery muscles and incorporate some Coca-Cola branding for the big wigs Pyrus style.    

As hawk eyed followers will notice, we've been inspired by the mossy goings-on with kokedama at goodstead and are bringing some contemporary Japanesey ideas to the beautiful antique table in the big house.  We think it works a treat, particularly with those incredible candle sticks. 
As an aside, you might want to check out this little golden nugget of a page that I came across looking for a Coca-Cola slogan for our post title.  Ours is from 1933, which is your favourite?

Feasting and flowers

This post is a little late but we wanted to share with you some of Mary Overmeer's beautiful images of the flowers we put together for the launch of Colstoun's cookery school earlier this month.  Thanks Mary!  We had free reign to forage from the treasure trove that is the Colstoun estate and must thank our fellow gardener (and fast becoming guru) Alan for donating an incredible array of Dalhias from his own garden.  We were in our element choosing vases and filling every room in the cookery school cottages with flowers, the dining room is particularly special and we can't wait to do more events in there.  Special mention has to go to our new find, the magical spindle berry, which rocks this seasons colour blocking trend perfectly with it's vivid pink berries which burst open to reveal a clashing orange interior!  

Spindle berry we love you

Just one of Alan's amazing Dahlias

A legendary Colstoun pear from the walled garden

We had a great time at the launch night, showcasing Pyrus and mingling with the East Lothian community.  Head chef Fiona served up an incredible array of delicious canapes so if you haven't booked yourself in for a cookery course yet get in touch with Cameron or Freddy to brush up your skills and come and say hello to us in the garden.