What happened folks?  One minute the trees were flamboyantly waving their autumn gowns about, landscape a sea of russet, gold and crimson and then next minute BOOM, we arrived at the garden and it was white.  Completely white.  Not a single leaf on the trees, the ground hard and crispy, the weed membrane cracking underfoot, the holly having its finest hour.  Holey. Moley.

Since we had about five hundred bulbs to plant this was not good news.  Could we plant?  How would we plant?  Could we actually get through the day in these freezing conditions?  There was a lot of big eyes and grimacing being exchanged by the Pyrus girls as we donned thermals, ski gloves, a couple of coats each and an array of knitwear.  Prizes go to Miss Fiona Inglis for best colour combination and best use of eyewear (she doesn't normally win that prize, I was annoyed I didn't get the eyewear trophy).

This is our flower garden in all it's frozen glory, Jack Frost had waved his wand and it was, truthfully, ridiculously beautiful.  Let's not mention that we had to wait for about an hour until we could dig the ground and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we don't really take alcoholic beverages with us as a cheeky winter warmer...

pyrus at Summerhall!

We have teamed up with the best and most unusual arts venue in town, Summerhall, to offer a programme of four classes in the run up to Christmas.  We're teaching in the weird and wonderful Histology Lab (nope, we didn't know what that meant either) so you can expect laboratory benches, the tiniest sinks in existence and a unique learning environment.  White coats optional.

Here's what we're teaching...

Vintage Vessels Saturday 17th November 1-3pm
Choose a quirky retro or vintage vessel from our collection to create your own super beautiful and vibrant Autumn arrangement to take home (or give away- but you won't want to!). We'll teach you all the tricks of the trade, absolutely no experience whatsoever needed.

Kokedama Saturday 1st December 1-3pm
Learn the magical art of kokedama, the Japanese hanging garden. Say goodbye to frumpy old pot plants and 'hellooo kokedama'! Loads of fun in the making and a cool hanging plant to take home and talk to (if you're anything like us!). A must for plant lovers and those who like the odd mud pie.

Ring-a-Ding Wreaths Thursday 6th December 6-8pm
Your front door will thank you for this one, learn the techniques and tricks to make your own 'not so usual' wreath from local foraged foliage and boxes of weird and wonderful treasures! This is a must-have Christmas skill. 

Get your swag on Tuesday 11th December 6-8pm
Don't pay a fortune for a Christmas garland. Come and let us teach you a few basic skills to create your own luxurious Christmas swag to drape over the fireplace, up the staircase or around the door frames.

£35 per class or £30 per class if you book more than one.  Bring your old friends, meet new ones and join our flower gang.  All materials provided, festive refreshments and some Pyrus style tunes (you'll get a little taster of what we listen to in the studio).  YEAH! We're excited, email us to book your place.

Constance, the ledge

Late summer romance

We love it when we find a couple who only want to use local flowers for their wedding day. Huzzah for Helen and Johnathan! And better still they had chosen the wonderful venue of the John Hope Gateway at Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens. Better still? They wanted something 'a little different' for the table centers. So not only did we get to play with all the flowers we had grown by hand through monsoon rains, we got to try out a new idea- tripods!

Creating height on table centers usually has it's limitations to those tall slim vases we have all seen a million times. Well not any more for Pyrus! Welcome the tripod..

We love the romance of late summer flowers mixed with the first touches of texture and warmth that Autumn brings. A special thanks goes to the fallen beech tree who gave us the gorgeous golden foliage.

Olga Valeska

Olga Valeska- French fine art photographer, undeniable romantic, possessor of an awe-inspiring imagination and still only 21!  Most of her work is self-portraiture; with just a couple of years experience behind the lens she makes the costumes, does her make up and sets the self timer on her camera.  We do love a lady with a penchant for flowers... (images from pinterest)

Flower school

Well folks this post is loooooong overdue.  Here are some highlights of our first foray into the world of teaching earlier in the season, our flower school started with a bang and we had more fun than we could have imagined.
Not only were our students game for foraging come rain or shine, they were a pretty damn talented lot and we ended up in helpless giggles more than once ("naughty Mr Fern!"- mentioning no names!).
Teaching is full of discoveries and surprises, not only can the most unlikely looking arrangement be the most inspiring (and make you rethink your own approach) but the greatest satisfaction is from getting the nervous, wary or downright sceptical students on-side and watching them leave beaming, metaphorically wearing hard earned  flower stripes.
We had a bit of a break from teaching whilst we disappeared into a wedding vortex but now we are beginning to come out the other side and we can't wait to get down to business and launch our Autumn classes.  Interested?  Get in touch or keep your eye out for updates; we promise you laughs, new friends, skills and of course, beautiful beautiful flowers.