Growing flowers is at the heart of what we do, our Victorian walled garden is the starting point for every creative project and wedding.  

What began as a way of producing the flowers we wanted to use and could not find locally has become inherent to our way of thinking about our materials and our creative and environmental practice.

The incredible 2.5 acre space we took on in 2015 was long neglected and is a work in progress.  Over the next four years we will cultivate the ground until it is filled with flowers for our own use and wider sale in the UK. 

Central to our ethos is to encourage, promote and support systemic change in the British flower industry, contributing to the marketplace scented, seasonal blooms full of the imperfect beauty and personality we love.  We are proud to be part of The British Flower Collective and Flowers From The Farm networks who work to raise the profile and provide support to micro growers and farmer florists throughout Britain.

You can follow the progress of our first year on The Garden Edit’s Introduction and Part One of The PYRUS Garden.

For press enquiries, to volunteer in the garden or to find out about cut flowers, please fill in the enquiry form on our Contact page.